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Our Commitment to Privacy

Our privacy policy was created as a result of our commitment to offering our customers high-quality products and services and being truthful with them in all of our dealings. You can use our website, products, and services with confidence if you understand how we collect, use, and safeguard the personal information you give us.

This privacy statement is applicable to Tax4sure.com's website.

Registration and Setup Forms

The tax4sure.com registration and website setup forms could ask users for their name and email address. The contact information provided on the registration and setup forms is used to react to your legal inquiries and to conduct their legal business. Additionally, the customer's contact information is used to get in touch with them as needed.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies allow web servers to recognize the computer that viewed a website, and they are a feature of web browser software like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc. These are small snippets of data that a user's web browser retains on a specific website to facilitate future interactions with that site for that user or to utilise the data to accelerate transactions on related web pages for that user. This makes switching between websites and making purchases online easier for a consumer. Cookies should streamline and personalize your online experience.

Our website uses cookies to gather information about how users interact with it. Passive The data gathered could consist of the day and time of visits, the web pages viewed, the length of time spent on our site, and the websites that were visited immediately before and after our site. If you do not wish to send "cookie" information about yourself, you can disable the cookie function in your web browser. For instructions on how to do this successfully, please consult the "Help" section of your browser.

Your computer's Internet Protocol address, which is a unique set of digits assigned to it by your Internet Service Provider, can also be used to identify it by the servers that power our website. Your IP address might be used to operate our website, identify server problems, or generate broad demographic information about our visitors.

Your Information In Relation to Others We Link To

You might be able to access other websites using our website. Before accessing those websites, you should read their privacy policies and confirm that you agree to them because doing so subjected you to their data collection and privacy policies. Before engaging in any transactions, you should carefully study the privacy policies of such websites to make sure you agree to them.

Sharing Information with Advertisers or Other Third Parties

We do not share any of the personal information we collect with anyone outside of Tax4sure.com, with the exception of Our Associates and Partners, including names, email addresses, client documents, and other information. Although we may contact you if you've elected to receive news and updates, all communication with you is sent through Tax4sure.com and no one else.

Sharing Information with the Government or As Otherwise Required by Law

You understand that you are required by law to give the government any information, including documents and other information, that it demands. We at Capikar Technologies Private Limited file documents with the clients' consent.

Questions, Comments, Contact

If you have any questions regarding the privacy of your information that tax4sure.com gathers, kindly get in contact with us.


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